Trendy Sunglasses for Summer 2019

Trendy Sunglasses for Summer 2019

Summer is here b*tches and that means one thing: time to stunt. We have a list of four must have, trendy, sunglasses for Summer 2019. All four of these looks are so fire for festivals, vacations, partying on a yacht and bonfires on the beach! 

  1. The Neo black sunglasses. These are a classic pair of sunnies you can wear every single day. No one will be able to see you roll your eyes in this pair of shades! 

  1. The Vixon frames. The perfect pair of red micro sunglasses to grab attention. 

  1. The Decade micro sunglasses. These small, rectangle sunnies are a modern and kick a$$ take on your Grandpa’s vintage pair.

  1. The Sport reflective sunglasses. These sunglasses are worn by bad bitches only. We really only have one thing to say about these: Put that thang in SPORT!

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